Join Our "New Energy" Campaign!

Does it concern you that Indiana has recently ranked 42nd in the U.S. in the educational level of our workforce?

Are you alarmed by the excessive role of money in politics?

Are you worried about the future of the middle class in Indiana, where one million Hoosiers are food insecure?

If you want to create bold change in the Indiana Statehouse—and in Indiana—join our campaign to win in Indiana Senate District 36!

“As we head towards our 200th anniversary as a state, we need a new energy to propel our state forward. We need new, inspiring leadership in our state, to help bring together a coalition of Democrats, Republicans, and Independents to forge genuine progress for the betterment of our state—grounded in a positive vision, relentlessly committed to problem solving over ideology, ready to give voice to those who have long been disempowered. I seek to be that kind of leader.”

—Jesse Kharbanda

Senate District 36 includes a good part of downtown, the near Southside, Perry Township, and a portion of Johnson County.

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