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While the Indiana State Senate (District 36) Primary Election was called for Jesse Kharbanda by the Daily Journal the day after Election Day, subsequent ballots that were tabulated switched the advantage to his opponent.  Given the exceptional narrowness of the results -- a difference of 37 votes out of 9,501 votes cast -- our campaign filed a petition on Monday, May 16, 2016 to seek a recount.    Note that comparably narrow Indiana legislative races went into recount in 2002, 2004, and 2006, and several states automatically hold recounts in situations where the margin of difference is less than 0.5%, as was true in this race.

Our recount petition was heard on Thursday, May 26, 2016 by the Indiana State Recount Commission.   The Recount Commissioners unanimously voted to order a recount.   The recount, thanks to the meticulous work of the Indiana State Recount Commission with the support of the State Election Division and the County Election Boards, occurred from Monday, June 13th through Thursday, June 16th.

The recount process did uncover differences in five precincts between the County Certified Election Results (from May 3rd) and the Valid Ballots Tallied by the State Board of Accounts (from June 30th).   The Daily Journal noted the net changes here.

Differences Between “Ballots Returned by County” and 

“Valid Ballots Tallied by the State Board of Accounts”



















The recount, furthermore, showed that in Center Township Precinct 26, there were 90 fewer signatures than ballots cast; in Center Township Precinct 40, there 23 more signatures than ballots cast; in Perry Township Precinct 47, there were 50 fewer signatures than ballots cast, and in Perry Township Precinct 52, there were 44 more signatures than ballots cast.

Statement by Jesse Kharbanda on June 30, 2016:

"The recount led to the discovery (and loss) of several votes for me and for my opponent, Sean Gorman -- and the recount has preserved Gorman's 37-vote lead.  This means that Sean Gorman will represent our Party this fall, and I wish him success... 

I am filled with gratitude for my campaign manager Megan, senior advisors (Mike as well as my brother Dave), and our amazing campaign volunteers, donors, and champions (including, you, Mom).   While we narrowly missed electoral victory, we secured a different kind of victory: The bringing together of a band of brothers and sisters, with deeper resolve to advance a vision of Indiana that is innovative & welcoming, and caring for both working families & our environment.   Please follow my endeavors in the community at my public Facebook page as well as my Twitter account.   Onwards to our next chapter in creating a 'New Energy for Indiana'!"

 For archival purposes, the basis of Kharbanda's recount as referenced in our May 16th petition:

Measures of Campaign Activity

Our Campaign

Our Opponent’s Campaign (to the best of our knowledge)

Neighborhood & Civic Events

Attendance and brief remarks at 30+ events/meetings across the District

Attendance, to our knowledge, at 1 common event/meeting

Phone & Field Canvassing

Hundreds of people contacted

No known evidence of a comparable operation

Yard Signs

Yard signs in at least 10 different neighborhoods, and at all 39 polling sites

No known yard signs in either neighborhoods or polling sites

Print Media

Paid ads in three different newspapers

No known paid ads

Social Media

776 Likes (as of 5/16); extensive, nearly daily posts; sustained social media advertising

106 Likes (as of 5/16); infrequent posts (e.g., no publicly visible campaign FB posts between April 1st and April 26th); social media advertising only in final week prior to election, to our knowledge

Primary Election Volunteers

40+ volunteers present at polling sites

No known volunteer presence at polling sites

Money Reported between Jan. 1st and April 8th at campaignfinance.in.gov

Nearly $21,000 raised

$71 raised

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