My Priorities

In the Indiana Statehouse, on your behalf, I will vigorously advocate to:

  1. Provide new avenues for working families to ascend the economic ladder
  2. Fully fund Pre-K education
  3. Protect Hoosiers from toxic threats to our drinking water
  4. Stop the supermajority from controlling innovative, progressive local decision-making
  5. Address the damaging role of "gerrymandering" in Indiana, which has severely depressed voting

As I campaign, I want to listen carefully to your concerns and your aspirations!

My Position on Key Issues

Child Care: support safe, accessible, and universally affordable statewide program, with a funding strategy being a moratorium on further state tax cuts for the highest income earners

Civil Rights: non-discrimination on the basis of age, ethnicity, gender, gender identity, religious faith, and sexual orientation

Climate Change: Indiana has the highest carbon footprint in the Midwest.   Develop a comprehensive state climate plan that both reduces emissions of those sources that are not addressed by national policy and creates a better economic investment conditions for clean energy technologies. 

Crime: Increase Indiana State Police funding for drug interdiction; the vast majority of heroin is flowing from out-of-state

Education: prioritize innovation in the public schools rather than the facilitation of more privatization, the latter of which does not have the same level of taxpayer accountability

Environment: fully staff the Indiana Department of Environmental Management to ensure that, for example, there is adequate monitoring of the risks posed by coal ash dumps to private drinking water wells

Government Reform: ensure that those who are in need of short-term government assistance, for health, financial, or relational reasons, receive it, and those who abuse it do not.

Housing: find a viable funding mechanism for land banks to bring about the rehabilitation of abandoned property -- to be re-purposed for new homes, businesses, and parks

Income: focus on passage of a higher state earned income tax credit

Mass Transit: support passage of the planned fall 2016 mass transit referendum to bring about an efficient, highly accessible, prudently constructed & operated bus and bus rapid transit system 

Mental Health & Criminal Justice Reform: deepen collaboration between the mental health system and the prison system; according to the Bureau of Justice Statistics, more than half of people in prison have a mental health challenge.   This scenario is not sustainable from the standpoint of rehabilitating the mentally ill or properly stewarding taxpayer resources.

Reproductive Rights: a woman, in careful consultation with her family, her physician, her pastor, (and/or other spiritual counsel) should make the ultimate moral choice on abortion.   Abortion should be "safe, legal, and rare".   

Roads: find a long-term source of funding, with a funding strategy being a moratorium on further state tax cuts for the highest income earners

Voting: make voter registration automatic, extend voting hours on Election Day by three hours; by making voting more convenient, voter turnout will increase, which will help to better address concerns about the accountability of elected officials.   Would focus my energies on voter accessibility as opposed to term limits and recall processes; let's make democracy function better through much more accessible voting.

Well Being of Animals: ensure that animals are bred in safe & humane ways.    Indiana ranks 5th in the nation in sub-standard "puppy mills".   




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